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Patent 0548766,  Design 0390900






  The WaterDam product cannot be compared to the usual protection measures, such as sand filled bags,

generally used during water intundance and weatherralated emergencies, e.g. flooding river dyke damage etc.,

as the product is areusable, cost effective, light and easily transportable product. When required the product is

charged with a special agent which is stored separate from the WaterDam bag is completely immersed in water

the agent expands and the WaterDam can be used in a similar fashion as conventional sand bags. After use the

expanding agent can be emptied out of the bag and the residue dissipates in the sunlight and thereafter the bag

can be dried out and stored for further reuse. The product is thus an excellent product for use by say city fire departmens for sudden emergency situations and also is also suitable for private use for initial flooding protection

especially since the unused productdoes not need a large storage space and is also very simpie to use.

  The expanding agent usedin the product is a biodegradable substance and is not prone to cause drain blocking which could have serious consequences.

  When in use the WaterDam provides a strong barrier to outside pressure and can be stacked to a relatively high

level to pro vide a safe barrier against high water levels.

  The outside double layered material of the WaterDam itself is made from a natural flax fibre and after following use

if not destined for reuse can easily be burnedor whatever without causing environmental impact.

 Thus the WaterDam product is very useful and can be used safely for all kind of emergencies.




    ①The standard WaterDam product can easily be charged/rechared with the special expanding compound

        as the openings for charging the expanding agent are provided with a zipper.

② Rafill expanding agent is packed stored separately from the bags and can be retained for a long period.

    ③ When the charged product is totally immeraed in water the compound absorbs water, expands and

         attains aweight of about 15kg in about 3~5mins.

    ④ The water dambags have two separate chambers which are charged separately and display a high

         resistance to lateral preaaure.     

    ⑤ After use if the remanents of the expanding agent are removed for the bag this material dissipates

        under the influence of the sunlight and bag can be dried out and made available for reuse.  

    ⑥ The main advantages are availability for rapid use, easy storage, unused product takes up

        very little space and is easy to transport.

    ⑦The WaterDam bags can also be used for filling with sand or aggregate.









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